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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Helping people optimize their life & build a sustainable, high quality, high performing, harmonious way of living.

Sciece Based Approac

Do you struggle with...

  • implementing a healthy work/life balance

  • maintaining consistency

  • managing your time effectively

  • building and sustaining new habits & routines

  • feeling burnt out

  • loss of joy & passion in life or career 

Thinking Man on Couch

An Intuitive Science-Based Approach

The path to sustained growth is not about creating a rigid structure that restricts us to the point of burnout. Creating lasting change is about understanding your individual needs, tuning into a strong "why", creating a balanced structure, and utilizing what is known about your biology & psychology to have your routines work for you and not against you. With the right plan and accountability along the way, there is truly no limit to your human potential.

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meet Joe, "The Positive Veteran"

Meet Joe

Joe Walters

Certified Life Coach

Certified Health & Nutrition Coach

I have stepped into the work that I do today by overcoming struggle and hardship that ultimately forged me into the person that I was meant to become. I spent a long time struggling with a lack of emotional control, working until burnout, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. The past decade of my life has been dedicated to inner work, research, schooling, and trial & error to finally take control of my life and learn what self-mastery truly meant. I waited far too long to get my first mentor and there are so many resources that I wish I had as I navigated my path. That is why I have such a passion for using the insights, tools, and resources that I have gained in my journey to help others overcome their unique challenges. As human beings, we have infinite potential to become greater than we could have ever imagined. The path to self-mastery isn't always easy but it's a journey that is well worth every single step of the process. 

Peak Performance Program

Lifestyle optimization

12 Week Immersion


Crafting A Vision For Your Life That Ignites Your Soul


Learning To Effectively Set Attainable, Expansive Goals

Reverse Engineering Those Goals, Making Success Inevitable

Developing Effective & Sustainable High-Performance Habits

Implementing Systems To Maximize Productivity & Consistency



(12) 1-Hour, Weekly Implementation Calls

Daily Accountability Planner & Habit Tracker

Peak Performance Blueprint Workbook

Unlimited Text Support & Accountability

My Services Main



Lifestyle Optimization Coaching

A personalized experience with radical accountability that will give you a competitive edge in all aspects of your life.


Psychedelic Integration Support

Resources and individualized support to help prepare for or integrate your recent psychedelic experiences


Micro-Dose Mentorship

A deep-dive program that can help you to safely and effectively implement a micro-dosing protocol into your routine.

Core Tenants Main

Pillars of Peak performance

Deep Why
Balanced Routine
inner circle

"Working with Joe was such an incredibly transformative experience. His process and perspectives helped me to make immense shifts in my life that I am so truly grateful for." 

Jenn B

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